Eagle Filtration Product Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers of high quality filters for Automobiles and Heavy Earth Moving machinery as well as Air Compressors,
D.G. Sets etc. We manufacture a comprehensive range of air, fuel and oil filters, for the equipment mentioned above. We also manufacture Industrial filters for process industries. We have vast experience in developing filters for Imported Machines as Import Substitution for a wide array of esteemed clients including M/s Videocon Narmada Glass, M/s G.N.F.C. Ltd., M/s O.N.G.C. Ltd and M/s Gujarat Guardian Ltd among others. 

We are the manufacturers of the trademark brand Globe Filters.  

Managed by a team of highly experienced and dynamic engineers, constantly rising to meet new challenges, we are the solution to your filter requirements. We take pride in the fact that our customers have consistently made monetary and time savings due to our filters. 

We boast of a hi-tech and well equipped Research and Development Laboratory which has various Test Rigs designed as per ISI specifications. Test oil fuel and air filters special rigs are also available for testing all the characteristics of filter papers used. R & D is also directed towards developing materials and processes for filter manufacture in response to the increasingly stringent standards demanded by the engines of the future. 

We have automated manufacturing and testing facilities for filters. We also have endurance testing rig to determine efficiency and pressure drop. 

The test facilities are as per B.S. Standards. 

We are proud to state that we follow extreme measures to ensure eco-friendly development of all our products.



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